The Garden House - Ultra Green Sustainable Comfort Home

The Garden House, an Ultra Green Sustainable Comfort Home located in Downtown St. George, Utah, completed in 2010, proves that Green design leads to more comfortable living year after year.

The Garden House is comprised of approx. 2000sf including 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with upgraded furnishings and finishes and many value added Ultra-Green features.  It is designed by local award winning and published Architect David Hansen.  It includes a tandem 2 car garage, ample entertaining area, a luxury master suite, front porch and back patio amenities.  The Home is located within St. George’s Residential City Center District.  Its Traditional Exterior Architectural Style and detail is in support of  the goals of the Downtown District, while it’s interior is clean and modern supporting green living strategies.

The Garden House Site was carefully chosen for it’s inherent green features:

* It’s close proximity to the Downtown St. George Core and its shopping, restaurants, museums, parks and other amenities.

* Its large existing shade trees for protection from summer sun.

*It’s existing on-site spring for non-potable water uses.

* It’s solar access to southeastern sun.

The home is configured to support a future on-site photovoltaic system and or Solar Hot Water collection and may participate in the cities Sun Smart Green energy program. The home has been carefully designed from the ground up to take “passive” advantage of available on-site solar, shading, and ventilation and natural lighting opportunities. Building overhangs, skylights, windows, insulation and mass walls have been orchestrated for maximum performance.

Other Green features include: Energy Star Windows, Energy Star Kitchen Appliances, Renewable wall and ceiling finish materials, Renewable cabinet materials, Low flow and dual flush plumbing fixtures, Energy efficient LED lighting components, Energy conserving HVAC system including in floor radiant heating and highly zoned mini-split AC units, Tankless gas water heating, Mass wall design and exposed floors assists heating and cooling, Exterior Landscape and overhangs for summer shading, Added Insulation in both walls and ceilings,

Exterior Slab Insulation, No V.O.C. interior paint and finish products, Skylighting and careful arrangement of ventilation and vision glazing, Durable recycled composite Countertops, Durable roofing and exterior finish materials.

In-house recycling center, Renewable or recycled, durable and easily cleanable flooring materials, Green Building Practices including Construction waste recycling, Xeriscape landscape components connected to Artesian on-site spring, Rainwater Collection and storage, No site development on back half nature area, On-site retention of Stormwater

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